The Wreck of the Delaware

Sally BURTON (New Zealander, b.1949): Artist
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A mixed media installation that tells the story of the wreck of the ship, Delaware, at what is now known as Delaware Bay north east of Nelson on 4 September 1863. The installation incorporates the Gottfried Lindauer portrait of Huria Matenga (accession number 94), who was widely celebrated for her heroic role in the rescue of the sailors. While the portrait occupies a central position, the installation draws attention to all of the participants in the rescues, including Huria's husband and brother, Hemi Matenga and Eraia, Hohapata Kahupuku, Ropata and Kerei, Captain Baldwin, Bill Morgan, and the first mate, Henry Squirrel, the only casualty of the ship wreck.
Mixed media
Dimensions: 1 - Huria Matenga: 795 x 360mm
Dimensions: 2 - Huria's Huia Feathers: 320 x 53mm
Dimensions: 3 - Hemi Matenga: 680 x 370mm
Dimensions: 4 - Hohapata Kahupuku: 510 x 330mm
Dimensions: 5 - Hohapata's fish: 430 x 100mm
Dimensions: 25 - Crew: 755 x 140mm
Dimensions: 26 - Crew: 990 x 195mm
Dimensions: 27 - Crew: 1050 x 110mm
Dimensions: 28 - Crew: 930 x 150mm
Dimensions: 29 - Crew: 380 x 140mm
Dimensions: 30 - Crew: 1040 x 200 x 60mm
Dimensions: 31 - Crew: 810 x 150mm
Dimensions: 32 - Crew: 710 x 280mm
Dimensions: 33 - Pile of stones
Dimensions: 34 - Huria's tiki: 240 x 100mm
Dimensions: 36 - Delaware Icon: 145 x 80mm
Dimensions: 39 - Delaware Bay: 370 x 1610mm
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Purchased by the Ngati Tama Ki Te Waipounamu Trust and presented to the Bishop Suter Art Gallery Trust Board on indefinite loan in 1996
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