Caveman - Energy Work

James ROBINSON (New Zealander, b.1972)
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A mixed media assemblage painting on un-stretched canvas. It is one half of a diptych which hangs in totem above the painting 'Emotional Emergency - State Control'. The painting is in three uneven horizontal panels. The two top panels (the top half of the painting) are stapled together with nails to create a scar. This top half is treated in lighter tone than the bottom which is stained in tones of grey. This bottom panel has a thick stripe of overlaid highly textured cracking paint where the canvas is folded at the top. The ripped and torn un-stretched canvas creates an uneven edge. The painting is hung via two wooden batons to which it is nailed to.

1/2 of dyptich (hangs above acc# 1105, vertically in a format the artist describes as totem)
Mixed media assemblage and paint on un-stretched canvas.
Dimensions: 1 - Painting: 1940 x 1000mm
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Purchased through the 10x10 Acquisition fund in 2010
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