Ngārongoā (née Kātene) Ngā Hōta (Hūria Mātenga)

Gottfried LINDAUER (Bohemia, b.1839, d.1926): Artist
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Commemorative portrait of local chieftainess and heroine, Hūria Mātenga (Julia Martin) wearing a korowai (Maori cloak), hei tiki (neck pendant) and clutching huia feathers - all symbols of chiefly rank. The subject is set against a stormy marinescape with the wreck of the ship 'Delaware' in the background. The Delaware foundered on rocks at Wakapuaka near Nelson in 1863 and Mātenga played a significant role in the rescue of the crew. She was also a prominent member of the local community and this portrait was commissioned through public subscription shortly after her death in 1909.
Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 1 - Frame: 1333 x 1080mm
Dimensions: 2 - Painting: 1200 x 940mm
Credit line
Commissioned by the people of Nelson in 1908
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