Soft Thrum

Ruth THOMAS-EDMOND (New Zealander, b.1977): Artist
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The bases of these sculptures are everyday objects – cardboard boxes found in pantries and homes across the country. Over these readymade structures she has oozed glue to create unrecognisable artworks. By relying on found objects Thomas-Edmond is both using artefacts of contemporary culture, but also revealing their toxicity. Caught between liquid and solid their chemical state is unstable. As is our ability to understand how we should feel about them. They are undeniable uncomfortable but they are equally seductive. The tensions between beautiful and repulsive play out in the contrast between the gloss of the yellow and the chalky white, they are organic and unnatural and the slime-like sculptures look as if they could move and grow at any moment.
mixed media
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Collection of The Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatū: Purchased in 2020
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