Christine BOSWIJK (New Zealander, b.1939): Artist

Red cadmium bowl

This vessel is symbolic of the Waimea Estuary and the surrounding landscape. The shape of vessel has been inspired by Maungatapu (the sacred mountain) which can be seen from the artist’s studio window. The white unglazed finish is reminiscent of snow on the mountain ranges and contains droplets of glass. These glistening forms also drip through the body of the vessel to form ‘tears’ visible on the underside.

As a whole, the vessel is an emotional response about the artist’s life and environment. It reflects the rhythm of the water flow into the estuary, the ‘bits’ that get left behind or washed away, and the things that remain behind imbedded into the earth’s surface.
Clay, paper, glass, glaze
Dimensions: 1 - Vessel: 940 x 940 x 195mm
Credit line
Gift of the artist in 2019
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