As the Sight is Bent

Lady Mabel ANNESLEY (English, b.1881, d.1959): Artist
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A set of four small woodcuts presented vertically: 1. two birds in flight; 2. two figures, with their backs to the viewer, assisting a disabled figure wearing white robes; 3. a detailed view of a mechanical toy comprising three race horses with riders, on rails; 4. a barefooted man raising a stick against a mule/donkey carrying a heavy load.
Woodcut on paper
Dimensions: 5 - Frame: 462 x 282mm
Dimensions: 1 - Print 1: 45 x 66mm
Dimensions: 2 - Print 2: 45 x 66mm
Dimensions: 3 - Print 3: 45 x 66mm
Dimensions: 4 - Print 4: 45 x 66mm
Credit line
Presented by Mr John Stackhouse in 1981
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