Four Points of View

Darryl ROBERTSON (New Zealander, b.1955)
Production date

A abstract figurative sculpture with a torso at centre (head in profile) flanked by two figurative forms on tall white plinths; each with a tubular protrusion in the back of their head.

1159.1 Left: Paua circular piece on front facing side. Cross insignia on back (facing back on left side). Character stamp (facing back on right side).
1159.2 RightCharacter stamp (facing back on left side). Cross insignia (facing back on right side).
1159.3 Centre: Character stamp (facing back on right shoulder).
1159.4 Plinth: Daryl Robertson signature on back side of plinth.
Course clay, porcelain, iron glaze, three layers of different glazes, paua, cut Kairuru marble, acrylic paint
Dimensions: 0 - Whole: 1045 x 305 x 123mm
Dimensions: 1 - Facing left sculpture: 275 x 70 x 70mm
Dimensions: 2 - Central sculpture: 285 x 200 x 70mm
Dimensions: 3 - Right sculpture: 260 x 70 x 70mm
Credit line
Gifted by the Nelson Potters Association in 2012
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